Living in the Ahwatukee Foothills, The Best of Both Worlds

Living in this community for the last few months has been the most enjoyable out of any location that I have lived in since moving to Arizona from New Hampshire in 2004.  I have lived in Gilbert, East Mesa, South/West Mesa, Tempe and North Scottsdale.  There is no other area of the valley with more stunning views coupled with a convenient location, within 20 minutes of Phoenix Sky Harbor, 25 minutes of Downtown Phoenix and within 25 minutes of Scottsdale.  Restaurants, night life and shopping is plentiful and close.

Here's awesome drone footage of one particularly stunning area of the Foothills! 


Surrounded by miles of breathtaking landscape, the Ahwatukee Foothills has a 'small town' community feel with a convenient location and tons to do.  Enjoy hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and street biking along with family favorites like the Ahwatukee Farmers Market and the annual Chili Cook-off that takes place each spring. 

South Mountain Park is the largest municipal park in the United States and borders the entire community to the north.  Offering amazing scenery as a stunning backdrop to many homes and neighborhoods.   

The Ahwatukee Farmers Market is every Sunday morning in the Zipps parking lot off of Warner. NW Corner of 48th St and Warner.

Moving and want to see what Ahwatukee has to offer?  View areas homes FOR SALE HERE. 

Coyotes in Ahwatukee? What to do...

I was NOT ready for that!  Working late one night I heard what sounded like babies crying.  The more I listened I realized that it wasn't babies, it was a pack of coyotes and they were in our cul-de-sac!!

Immediately I hopped onto the social media site, NextDoor, for my neighborhood and asked the neighbors about their experience with the coyotes.  Does this happen frequently?  It turns out, per the neighbors, the coyotes quite like my cul-de-sac and it's not uncommon to hear and see them.   Oh boy... that wasn't on the Seller Disclosure Statement.  πŸ˜³

Since we'll likely have encounters in the future, I researched what to do:

1. Do not approach the animal and do NOT run.  It could trigger a natural reaction and the animal may chase and attack.

2. Stand your ground.  Make loud noises and stamp your feet and yell.  These actions may prevent an attack and scare the animal off. 

3. If you have a small pet or child with you, pick them up off of the ground.  The animal could view them as a food source. 

Here's a few tips to reduce their attraction to your home / neighborhood:

1. Install good outdoor lighting and use it nightly.

2. Keep bushes and vegetation trimmed so there isn't anything for the coyote to burrow under.

3. Secure trash and don't store any trash outside of trash containers. 

Apparently it's very uncommon to be attacked by a coyote and, per the neighbors, they aren't really what I need to watch out for. 

It's the javelina 😳

Welcome to living by the preserve, LamFam!