A Gem in Ahwatukee Foothills

We settled on a 4 bedroom home in a cul-de-sac off of 36th and Knox and inspections began right away.    It's so important to be super thorough during the due diligence period so we checked everything out.  Special thanks to Alati's Inspection Service for the radon test.  Many have no idea that Ahwatukee is an area that is known for higher radon levels and it definitely should be tested.  

We had an HVAC tech come for the A/C unit, we had a pool guy come for the pool and equipment, we had a general inspector come for a overview of all systems, etc. and we had a pest inspector for termites and infestation. 

That's when we found these...

16 scorpions were found in one night!!  Our home is really close the the preserve which means easy access to the trailhead but also means a few extra Arizona critters to deal with.  Creepy Crawly Pest Control advised us that this can be controlled and they will be sealing the house this coming week.  They have already started spraying to reduce the food supply for the scorpions and nightly hunts help as well.  

We decided to do a complete remodel.  We are replacing the flooring throughout, the cabinets and counters, the bathroom fixtures and a full interior paint job.  We closed on the 16th of March and by the 17th we no longer had a kitchen.  😳

Why Ahwatukee?

We chose a home in Ahwatukee for many reasons but these were the major ones:

We really loved the mountain views behind our home when we lived in Scottsdale.  Matt enjoys taking a bike ride here and there and family hikes are a Sunday favorite.  Living near the mountains again is really exciting. 

We love the parks and public recreation areas especially Sun Ray Park!  We have a 4 year old and the park is perfect for afternoon entertainment. He can cruise on his bike while we walk the bike trail beside him, he can run in the huge grass fields and he can hike the "little mountain" without any help from us.  It's a great park with great scenery.  

The location is great for us.  The proximity to the I10 and the 202 is a huge plus not only for work but we do like to take the jeep to the mountains and to Canyon Lake.  It's close to many of our favorite restaurants like Uncle Bears, Smokin Fins and Z'Tejas.  Phoenix Sky Harbor is 17 minutes away.  We travel and have family that visits from back East so airport proximity is important.  Chandler Fashion Center is a great shopping mall that is super close and has a Harkins Movie Theatre.

We know that we'll be on the hunt for a good school for our son in about a year.  We really like what Ahwatukee has to offer.  We did our research on the Great Schools site.